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Meet your new learning path

Meet your new learning path

We’re excited to introduce you to your redesigned learning path on Mimo.

POSTED ON MAY 11, 2023

Designers, developers, learning experts, and product managers at Mimo have spent the past months redesigning the learning path to improve how you learn to code and practice your coding skills with Mimo. If you’re a beginner, the path update they came up with will guide you a lot better through your learning path and integrate some of your favorite features into it as well: challenges and, soon, projects.

What’s changing?

To make it easier for you to reach your goals, your learning path will guide you on your journey, step by step, so you’ll no longer have to worry about when to jump around.

The lessons and exercises will stay the same, but their order will change to ensure an optimal combination of learning new concepts and practicing previous concepts.

Instead of defaulting to show the entire course, the learning path will focus on the content that’s relevant to you at the time. You’ll be able to get an overview of the entire course with a syllabus button at the bottom left.

Additional practice lessons will continue to be available if you want to practice more. Challenges, which are an essential component of mastering skills, will become mandatory and much more integrated into your learning path, and you can expect to see more of them soon. Projects will take a break on the mobile apps while we make them more focused on creation and personalization (but more advanced projects are still available on the web).

Your new learning path will guide you on your journey, step by step

What will happen to your progress?

While your learning path will look quite different, you’ll keep your hard-earned progress. The way we calculate progress will change a bit, though. Since challenges and practice lessons (except if they’re identified as optional) will be required, they’ll also count toward your progress. If you skipped such challenges and practice lessons in the past, this change will decrease the percentage toward completion. If you earned a certificate before the change, you might be required to complete some missing challenges and practice lessons in the last section. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we promise that the challenges and practice lessons will be worth it.

The percentage on your learning path will reflect the number of sections you completed vs. the total sections within the path. The percentage on a section will reflect the number of finished required lessons vs. the total required lessons within the section.

Why are we making this change?

Ever since we launched the original learning path layout in 2020, many learners reported missing guidance about how to navigate through their path: when to practice, when to proceed to the following skills, and when to come back to practice the previous skills.

We set out to explore navigation patterns and found that the way learners navigate through the path has an impact on their mastery (their ability to produce and reproduce code without help). More successful learners start with a concept, then practice, proceed to the next concept, and come back several times to practice the previous concepts. Learners who complete entire concepts or sections at a time or focus on the mandatory lessons of their path without spending enough time on practice lessons tend to have more difficulty producing and reproducing code without help. We decided to get creative and build a path experience that helps every learner follow a pattern that increases their chances to achieve mastery.

What you’ll see will be version 1.0 of the redesigned learning path. You might see a few rough edges that we’ll still iron out over the coming weeks. We’ve already received some great and helpful feedback from our learners. If you have feedback for us, too, we’ll look forward to hearing from you at

And there will be further improvements to the learning path in the coming months, like personalized lessons and additional types of challenges and projects for more advanced learners.

We can’t wait for you to try your new path experience!

POSTED ON MAY 11, 2023

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